Thai Sweet Sausage
This is the Thai version of Chinese Sausage. This is a mildly sweet, air dried sausage, and is not cured, and needs to be fully cooked before eating. Two ways to dry this will be explained.
  1. If using hog casings packed in salt, you will need to soak and rinse them following the suppliers instructions. If using dry hog casing, set them aside until needed, the just need a minute or two in water and can be used. You can also use collagen casings if you prefer.
  2. Add everything to a mixing bowl, except the sausage casings, mix together well using your hands. Cover and place in the fridge for 1 hour.
  3. Prepare your casings and using your preferred method, stuff the casings. Tie into about 6 to 8 inch links.
For Air Drying
  1. Wrap the sausage in parchment paper and leave in the hot sun for 3 days to dry out (like on a window ledge, but out of reach of cats or dogs.) When dried out and firm, store in a sealed bag in the fridge.
For Oven Drying
  1. Place the sausage on a parchment paper lined baking sheet and place in a 80 C (175 F) oven for 3-4 hours or until the sausage is firm. When dried out and firm, store in a sealed bag in the fridge.
To Cook
  1. The sausage will be quite firm. If to your going to use is a stir fry, best to steam the sausage for about 5-10 minutes to soften it up.
  2. You can also just place on rice in your rice cooker and cook the rice as normal, this will lightly flavor the rice and cooks the sausage through for a light meal.
Recipe Notes

Low cost.

 This recipe for Thai Sweet Sausage is adapted from Appon’s Thai Food.