Stuffed Camel
Ever heard of a lamb in a pig in cow and roasted? This is the Arabic version, and both are very real. From the size and logistics of this, this is very rarely prepared, not to mention you need a big ass oven.
  1. Skin, trim, and clean the camel, lamb, and chickens. and boil all until tender. Work in batches 😉
  2. Cook rice, hard boil the eggs and peel them, fry the all nuts until browned. Mix the nuts with the rice.
  3. Stuff the chickens with eggs and rice mixture. Stuff the lamb with five chickens and some rice. Now stuff the camel with the lamb and some rice.
  4. Broil the camel in an a large oven until golden brown.
  5. Spread the remaining rice on a large tray and place the camel on top. Place the remaining chickens around the camel also on the rice. Garnish the rice with the remaining eggs.
  6. Serve to the entire village 🙂
Recipe Notes

I would say this is high cost as I have not ever priced what a whole camel is sold for.

Variant: 1. Instead of stuffing the chickens with eggs, stuff them with cooked fish, which sounds absolutely disgusting, plus that will add to the per serving cost.

Provided courtesy of good friend, Jerry Juliana.
United States.