Mushroom Spring Rolls
Sounds delicious. Making spring rolls seems tricky but it is so easy. These are Spring Rolls, Chinese in origin, spring roll wrappers fry up crispy. Egg Rolls are American in origin and are a thicker, chewier wrapper. On my to cook list. I will verify how many spring rolls, wrappers, are needed when I make these. And I will have step by step photos to show you how to assemble these.
Prep Time
Cook Time Passive Time
3-4minutes 30minutes
Prep Time
Cook Time Passive Time
3-4minutes 30minutes
  1. For the mushrooms and the shrimp, you can either use a knife to mince the stems, caps, and shrimp or just run them through a meat grinder if you have one, using the coarse plate, aka, the wagon wheel, you can mince the mushrooms and shrimp at the same time with the grinder.
  2. Prepare the chilies, garlic, and basil.
  3. Heat the oil in a non stick pan, when hot, add the chilies and garlic, stir fry for a minute, then add the shrimp, mushrooms, sauces, sugar, and basil. Stir fry for 1-2 minutes. Remove to a plate to cool to room temp.
  4. To assemble the spring rolls, first we need to make the glue to seal the edge of the pastry. Mix together the water and corn starch in a small bowl, set that aside but close to where you will be working.
  5. Open the package of spring roll sheets. Carefully pull off one sheet and place smooth side down on a clean counter with one corner of the sheet facing you. Very important, place a damp towel on the unused sheets, if the sheets dry out they are hard to pull apart and will tear. (This is where two people is very handy, one to pull the the pastry apart and the other rolling the spring rolls.)
  6. Place a tablespoon or so of filling near the corner closest to you.
  7. Fold the bottom (the corner closest to you) up over the filling.
  8. Tightly roll, the filling will spread some, that is fine. When the roll is in the widest part of the pastry (left and right corners will be on the sides of the roll) fold each side towards the center. The roll should be about 5 inches long, and should look like an open envelope.
  9. Continue to roll, and when there is just a pointy section at the end away from you, use your finger and apply some of the cornstarch slurry you made just a few minutes ago to the edges of the pointy section (just like sealing an envelope), continue to roll and seal the edge, and just pat that seam down with your fingers. There, you just made a spring roll.
  10. Repeat until you have either used all the filling or all the pastry sheets.
  11. To fry these, heat about 1 inch of oil in a pot. When hot, add 4-5 spring rolls at a time and fry, turn often, until golden brown, These cook fast so keep an eye on them. Remove to paper towels to drain and fry the remaining rolls.
  12. Let cool for a few minutes then serve hot as is or serve with a dipping sauce of your choice. My Sweet & Sour Sauce is listed as a shortcut in the Recipe Notes section.
Recipe Notes

Low cost.

Shortcut: Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce.

Variant: 1. Bake instead of fry, place on a rack on a baking sheet, spray with oil all sides, bake in a 200 C (400 F) oven until golden brown.

This recipe for Mushroom Parcels is adapted from Appon’s Thai Food.