Italian Sausage / Pork Sausage / Chicken Sausage
I looked at a bunch of recipes online and got a general list together of the ingredients, and made my own, sausage patties, not links. A good general recipe that is nice for spaghetti sauces, sausage burgers, or served with pasta or potato. These are not going to win a blue ribbon prize in the culinary world, but I think they taste good. All spices are dried. To make this Italian Sausage, add the fennel seeds. To make this just a pork sausage, omit the fennel seeds. To make a nice chicken sausage, omit the fennel seeds. READ THE STEPS, I added a step at the beginning if you are using meat you are going to grind.
Prep Time
Prep Time
  1. NOTE: If you will be grinding the meat yourself (recommended) then prepare the meat by cutting into chunks that will fit the hopper of your grinder, remove an silver tendon from pork, then mix the spices into this, then grind on the medium size die, after it is ground then grind again on the smaller die.
  2. If using store bought ground pork, just add the spices.
  3. And mix with your hands really well. Now you can stuff into casings or simply make patties.
  4. Stuffed into casings.
  5. With clean hands, mix all this together well, form into patties sized to your liking. I keep a few to the side for dinner the day I make this, then freeze the rest with foil between the layers.
  6. A good friend, Dave Williams, posted a comment on this but used ground chicken and made patties, which is a great alternative! Here is his photo and his comment is below.
Recipe Notes

Less than $1 per person per meal.

Adapted from many internet recipes.