Cornmeal Whitefish I
The only time I have eaten fish coated in cornmeal was catfish in Tennessee, and that was years ago. Time to change this I will use shark catfish but it has a whitefish flavor, not at all like catfish. This is make as much as you want recipe, no servings, times, or quantities are listed for this (read that as simple).
  1. Cut your whitefish fillets in half if you like, easier to manage that way.
  2. Place 3 shallow bowls on the counter, place some flour in the first bowl, 2-3 eggs in the next bowl and beat them with a fork, then some cornmeal in the last bowl. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper to the flour and the cornmeal.
  3. Heat a large non stick pan with a good splash of cooking oil. When the oil is hot, dredge each fillet in flour and shake off excess, then in egg and shake off excess, then in cornmeal, the into the hot oil. cook until golden brown on the bottom then turn fillets over and cook until golden brown, remove to paper towels. I am cooking the fish fillets on the right, my wife is cooking wontons on the left.
  4. When all the fillets are cooked, serve with a vegetable and a salad for a nice meal.
Recipe Notes

For the fish, go with about 130 Baht/1 kilo of Pangasius fillets. For 4 servings, this is about 96 cents per serving.

Inspired by seeing cornmeal coated fish photos from a number of good friends.