Favor Bank

This is for friends that do not live in the same areas of the country. If you can provide a product that may be available near you, and your friend may be able to provide a product that is not available to you, help each other out. No need to settle product costs or shipping, each person sends products to their friend, their friend sends products back, win win situation.

If you see a product listed here but do not have a product or products to offer in return, then you can work out the costs with the other person, not a problem.

This started with me looking for anchovies, I contacted a friend of mine in Chiang Mai, he found them so I placed an order. My friend stated he was looking for corn meal (polenta) as he could not find there. My wife found that on Phuket and sent the corn meal to him, 3 1/2 kilos no less. Even trade on expenses, we each received the product we was looking for. Keep in mind, it may take some time to search and located a product, hence the reason of calling it the Favor Bank. Contact me to put you in touch with the provider of these items.

13883926_10210210480568467_1342918253_nMy friend in Chiang Mai can provide Anchovy Fillets. These are from Spain. 47 gram tins. Cost is 128 Baht/tin (cost can change).

I have found these in Phuket as well, but not nearly as stocked as what is available in Chiang Mai.

14123438_10210850289161698_1693684246_oI, via Phuket, can provide Corn Meal (Polenta). This is from Australia, 500 gram bags. Cost is 100 Baht/bag (cost can change).






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