Expats helping Expats

The goal of this page is for expats looking for specific food items to be able to advertise to expats in other locations/larger cities that may have those food items. It is up to the individuals to settle costs and EMS shipping, this is NOT the responsibility of my site.

The rules are simple, you need to contact me in an email and I will add to this page, newest will be listed at the top. State your name, email address, and what you are looking for. If anyone contacts you with what they can get, it is up to you two to work out an agreement and the payment.

We can help each other out, some people live in populated or tourist areas and may have access to more western ingredients needed, some do more travel and be able to bring back seeds.


Name: Suwanne Prasertsart
Can provide Australian Avocados and Thai Hess Avocados cheaper than supermarket prices. Click on the facebook link and send a message, she will reply. Payment is via bank transfer (ATM transfer) and shipping is via Kerry Express which is a very good and reliable service.


acorn-squashName: Lee Thayer
Email: simplewebs.lee@gmail.com
Interested in: Yellow Summer Squash and Acorn Squash.
If you can locate these, fresh, I will certainly pay for the product and EMS to my address in Nakhon Si Thammarat via ATM transfer. Please send photos of the products you find first.

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