Freezing Cheese

Freezing cheese is a great option for those like me that can only get specific real cheese is certain locations. I buy blocks, they freeze well.

Now if you need a particular cheese is shredded form, shred first then freeze, as frozen then thawed cheese tends to crumble instead of shredding.

I can only comment on freezing unopened blocks, not opened, used a little bit then frozen, just stick with freezing whole blocks in the original packaging.

  1. I use a lot of Bleu Cheese, especially for making Bleu cheese dressing for chicken wings…I put it in the freezer when I get it and when needed I pull it out and grate it into what I’m making and it works great…As far as other cheeses I have found no problem with freezing them…As Lee said for shredded cheese, shred before freezing.

    • Thanks for the great comments, Brian. I really need to get me some Bleu cheese next time in the city. Yes, crumbled, grated, perfect, always shred first but never a show stopper if using as a topping or filling in a dish or in a sauce.

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