Egg Noodles

dscn4048I lived in Phuket since Dec 2005 and I was always trying to find Egg Noodles, to which I could never find, but always found some wide flat Italian pasta and have always used that. Today, I was doing some research on the brand of pasta I buy, and come to find out, they are in fact, egg noodles, it is Fettuccine from Italy, and this is the brand that I buy at Makro. There is a wide version and a narrow version.

This pack is 250 grams, and surprisingly inexpensive. The pack has 6 spirals of pasta, about 40 grams each. I normally use 2-3 spirals for 2 servings.

Next visit to Makro I will get a price for this. I am also going to try out making home made egg noodles then I can compare the prices between ready made and home made.

Update 1 Sep 2017, I have successfully made egg pasta (used in homemade ravioli) and my next batch, I will cut strips and dry them. If that works well, store bought egg noodles will be a thing of the past for me.

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