Another use for a slow cooker

In my house, we remodeled our kitchen and installed a gas hob instead of electric. Electric costs a lot more then LP gas so we opted to use gas instead, which is a step up from what we were using, which was a wood fired pot to cook on. The gas hob, double burner, works great for nearly everything except a low simmer, like for cooking dry beans. I just cannot get the temp low enough and I actually burned a pot of beans once.

So I turned to my slow cooker, not to make a slow cooker dish in, but to use it to simmer things where I need a low temp without burning. Since a slow cooker cannot burn anything, it is perfect in this application. For instance I have a great sounding white bean and pork recipe, I use a pot to bring the beans to a boil, then carefully transfer that to my slow cooker as it needs to simmer for 3-4 hours, which I just cannot do on my gas hob. So in essence, it is not a slow cooker dish, just a slow cooker was used for some assistance. I foresee more use from my slow cooker from now on.

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