How to Cut Apart Chicken Wings

I have a wing recipe that I am going to post, needs chicken wings, not whole wings, but cut into sections, the drumette and the middle, the tip, just boil for your dog.

Thais will use a cleaver to cut wings (they will use a cleaver to chop up a whole chicken), not recommend as it can leave bone chips in the meat, and that is not fun when you are enjoying good wings!

Using a sharp knife, just a paring knife will do, hold the middle section with the tip section pointing down, use your finger and feel on the joint for a soft spot, start a cut at that soft spot and cut part way through (this separates the tendons holding the joint together), now turn the wing around so you are holding the middle section with the tip section pointing up, finish cutting through, no bone chips, easy. Now repeat this for the middle section. Hold the drumette in one hand with the middle section pointing down, start a cut, you are doing the same thing here, separating the tendons connecting the joint. Turn the wing around and hold the drumette with the middle section pointing up and continue the cut to separate the two. Done.

I am looking at the Tesco site right now, prices for whole wings: 91 Baht/kilo, middle sections: 126 Baht/kilo, drumettes: 70 Baht/kilo. Buy the whole wings, you get two pieces for you and a piece for dog food.

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