Cups in a Soup Can

This seems like an odd post, but it is a valid question, “how many cups are in a regular size can of condensed soup?”

I make nearly all of the condensed soups I need from scratch, not only is it healthier, it is more economical. The shortcuts for condensed soups I have listed on this site make about the same amount as a can of condensed soup. Most of the recipes that I use condensed soup in require one or two cans, and the quantity is not important so I make a “can” of home made condensed soup and use that, if more than one can is needed, I make it in batches of one “can” at a time.

Some recipes are very detailed as to how much condensed soup to use (or gravy or broth or consomme, most of which come in similar sized cans). Gravy, broth, and consomme shortcuts are also listed on this site.

So the answer to the question, it is 1 1/4 cups = 1 regular soup can.

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