How to Clean Squid

Squid is a reasonably priced seafood that is available nearly everywhere there is a coast for good market prices but is available in other areas without a fishing port.

Many people know how to clean a fish, many do not know what to do with a squid. Cleaning a squid is very easy, and since there is no bones, bonus!

I normally clean squid while holding them over a sink with running water and occasionally rinsing it out in the water. These steps apply to small squid from 3 inches to about 10 inches or so, normally larger squid, especially giant squid will already be cleaned and is sold as fins or fillets.

Step 1. Holed the body of the squid in one hand, and grab the head behind the eyes, nearest the body and simply pull the head and innards out, set the head on a cutting board.

Step 2. Rinse out the inside under the tap, then feel for a bone like structure, this is normally quite clear looking, grab that and pull that out and discard.

Step 3. Using a sharp knife, scrape some skin and it will separate from the body, grab that and pull off the body, you may need to do this in several places. When the skin is all off, the body is a white color, you are done with the body, place the body in a bowl.

Step 4. With the head on a cutting board, grab the tentacles and hold them, and cut downwards well forward of the eyes and what you are holding, this prevents you from getting the beak, which you cannot eat. Rinse the tentacles and place then in the bowl with the body. Done, now wasn’t that easy?

Now what can you do with what you have just cleaned? You can use the bodies whole by stuffing them with the chopped tentacles and shrimp, stuff with ground pork or pork sausage, or even chicken sausage. You can also cut the body into rings and fry, or use can use the rings and tentacles in soups.

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