Minced Meat / Ground Meat

This may seem like a no brainer to some, but I am assuming there is folks that do not know how to do this.

Where I live, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, I can get minced pork at Tesco in town, there is no beef offered, and certainly no ground or minced chicken. Well one day I was going to make me a pot of Chili using minced pork (minced is just a courser grind of ground meat). But alas, when I got to Tesco, they were sold out of minced pork, so I just picked up some pork butt and figured I would make a slow cooker something. I got home and told my wife the mince pork was sold out, so I got several large pieces of pork butt. My wife said no problem, about 10 minutes later, she handed me a large bowl of minced pork and asked is that enough.

I asked her to show me how she did this as I always used a hand grinder when I was growing up. Large chopping block (think the large wood, thick, discs you see at the markets) and a cleaver. About 3 minutes of effort and you have minced anything, keep chopping and you have ground. It is really that easy!

I have a couple of chicken recipes lined up I am going to try using ground/minced chicken, as well as next time I order beef, I am going to mince some to make some good beef burgers.

Update 25 Nov 2016, I have purchased an electric meat grinder, Thai family is amazed at the speed. There is 3 plates for fine, medium, and course ground. It can grind 1 kilo per minute with the fine plate, bit faster with the course plate. I no longer buy minced pork, I grind everything myself and can control the fat content.

  1. Thai cleavers cost next to nothing and are really good quality. They stay sharp too. They’re obviously really good high carbon steel.

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