Food Labels

Everyone is aware that processed foods have a greater chance to have numerous ingredients that are just used as fillers and add nothing to the final product.

campbells-condensed-cream-of-mushroom2Here is my example, now keep in mind, ingredients listed on products are listed from highest quantity to lowest quantity.

This is a label from a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup. Now, if you have ever had this and most people have, the label lists water as the major ingredient, followed by mushrooms. Now I did not wake up yesterday, there is about a thimbleful of tiny mushroom pieces in the soup. Third ingredient, vegetable oil. And it states, less than 2% of cream (milk). So in reality, this is cream of water soup, flavored to taste like cream and mushrooms. Remember, this is “condensed” soup, to make soup out of it, you need to add a can of water, get the point? It is water flavored to taste like cream and mushrooms.

Now look at what my shortcut for Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup is: evaporated milk, handful of chopped mushrooms, corn starch, vegetable oil, white pepper, onion powder, and salt which is always optional. Pretty clear which one might be healthier. Evaporated milk does have vegetable oil added, other than that, it is milk that is reduced. You can use whole milk for this but be warned, whole milk will not stand up to long term cooking like a slow cooker, so it has a high chance to curdle, evaporated milk will not curdle.

  1. Campbells has been putting GMO crap in their soup and fighting the labeling as such. However, due to popular demand to know what’s in our food, they are going to starting labeling it as containing GMO. Now, the logically challenged can support GMO as many ‘think’ it completely harmless… just like when scientists claimed tobacco was harmless (even helpful) for a few decades until other scientists finally called them on it.

    Even products that are not GMO are full ingredients of questionable long-term health effects.

    • Good points, Dave! A can of evaporated milk is less than half of what a can of Campbell’s soup is, takes 5 minutes to make, and the beauty is you can add any mushrooms you like!

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