Why are some items not used in recipes?

I have been asked this a few times, “why are some items not used in recipes that I list?” Well that is easy, 1, not everything is available where I live, and 2, processed items are kept to a minimum. I like to stick to healthy, readily available fresh ingredients than processed. Now, do I use processed, yep, I do but there is a limit. One reason is to keep food on hand for emergencies, you need to rotate that stock, so use it in a recipe.

What I do list as processed, and I have shortcuts to make these as well are, condensed soups, salad dressings, cheese, and spice mixes. The difference with what I list and the processed product is that you know what is in the final product. Salt being a major issue.

Recipes I will not add include frozen pie crusts, packaged rolls or biscuits in a tube that pop when you open, or items like canned diced tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, etc. I do in fact keep canned tomatoes on hand as well as mushrooms, but it takes me seconds to dice or slice these, to pay for sliced anything in can, you are paying too much. The more an item is handled, the higher the cost.

Cooking spray, no way do I add cooking spray to a recipe! Do some research, if you need to grease pan for baking, use some butter, healthier than the chemicals in the cooking spray.

I am a realist, I do not expect to live to 120 with my cooking, nor would I want that! Things to consider, is butter better than margarine? Yes. When baking, is lard better than butter, well that depends, neither one is more harmful than margarine or heaven forbid, palm oil. Butter and lard are both natural, takes a bit of work to get oil out of a palm fruit.

One of the benefits of this site is show uses for fresh foods, like peppers, onions (I recently seen that diced onion and diced peppers are available in the states, frozen! How lazy is that!), potatoes, carrots, beans, numerous fresh vegetables. Do I use frozen vegetables, yes, once in a while, it is not standard practice. Will I use frozen Hash Browns, no. Will I use frozen peas, carrots and corn? Yes, once in a blue moon and that is to test a recipe as written, then I will try and adjust to fresh products.

“There is more chicken recipes than beef and pork recipes” Yes, chicken is widely available, and free range, pork is as well as beef if local, but must know where it is coming from.

“Is pork unhealthy considering the fat compared to chicken?” Well, look at most chicken and you should trim the fat. But at the same time, you can get a nice pork loin for a roast that has little fat. Cannot make a good stock with out fat as well. Again, I am not looking to extend my age by the way I eat but I can cut some of the extra items out.

  1. You know exactly what you’re getting if you use fresh food. You have a bit of faith to deal with if it’s in a can or bag. Label laws are a joke. Governments allow certain harmful contents to not be listed. The FDA is the US is basically organized crime and the Thai government allows tricky wording like “nature identical flavor” and such… um, that’s artificial ingredients, say that.

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