Probably one of the first things that folks notice when they move to Thailand, is the lack of an oven in a house. Don’t get me wrong, higher end houses normally have a built in oven, or two, and that oven also adds to the rent paid for that house, built in ovens are not cheap by any means.

When I moved into a gated community in Chalong, Phuket, the kitchen had a free standing range, stovetop with 3 burners and an oven, that would be the only one I have ever seen like that. And since it had been about 6 years that I had an oven, a big pan of lasagna was the first thing I baked, it was awesome!

Now if you end up in a house with no oven, no worries!!! We have counter top ovens!!!

Counter top ovens are not like a toaster oven, these are large and capable of high temps as well, many have a rotisserie feature as well. These are very reasonably priced and quite efficient. I bought one when we got to our house in Nakhon Si Thammarat, it is excellent.

I have cooked banana bread, rotisserie chicken as well as duck, meatloaf, baked omelets, cookies, stuffed peppers, enchiladas, lasagna, Cornish Game hens, loads of pizzas, and even a turkey.

So if you have a house with no oven, consider a counter top oven, they are worth it!

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