What to do with Vegetable Scraps

In most countries, food scraps left over from preparing meals is thrown in the trash, although convenient, it is not very wise. One, it is considered wet trash and slows down a incinerators burn level, two, it is free compost!!!

I have done this when I lived in Chalong, Phuket, and in a gated community. Dig a hole about 1 meter by 1/2 meter and about 1/3 of a meter deep. That is your compost pit, see, easy. There is no smell, it is kitchen scraps only, no bones or left over meats, just vegetable matter.

Now, when you have ends from onions, vegetable skins, orange peels, tops from vegetables, egg shells, even coffee grounds, grass clippings, you get the point, throw into the compost pit. Once a week, pour in a bucket of water. Just repeat this. Every few months go out and move it around with a hoe. As this rots down, it produces a rich fertilizer. This is after all, how top soil is made.

Not only are you saving the wet trash from the local incinerator, you are making a product to fertilize your plants with for free, whether you are growing vegetables or flowers, this compost will fertilize them.

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