About the Recipes

When you read through these recipes, or even averted your eyes from the pork recipes, give them a look. The key thing with these recipes that call for ground beef or pork, cubed beef or pork, beef or pork sausages, this totally up yo you! If you prefer cubed chicken instead of pork, go for it! If you prefer a certain vegetable over another, go for it!

The beauty of most of these recipes is that you can substitute the meats as you see fit, except pork knuckles there is no substituting those. If you modify a recipe, please post a comment, no need to submit a new recipe if all you did was change a meat or add a meat.

An example of this would be Ranch Potatoes, on its own, it sounds really good, and I will make as listed in order to comment on that. But I would consider cooking a few pork sausages (English Bangers come to mind, as well as cooked chicken breast strips, etc.), splitting lengthwise and putting those on top as well. I did not modify the recipe, I simply changed one thing to my liking, nothing more.

If I give an example of a hamburger, which I will provide a Chicken Burger recipe, and it states a slice of onion but you do not like onion, that is not a show stopper, the onion is to compliment the burger, removing the onion does not retract from the recipe at all.

See, the recipes are merely a starting point, always tailor to your liking. The recipes are basic, simple and straight forward, it ends up in a category based on the ingredients provided, so feel free to change the meats, vegetables as you see fit.

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