Makro is a bulk package store with excellent prices compared to other stores. And they have nearly everything. This is a membership store, no fee to be a member but one needs to register to get the card which makes checkout must easier. There is no bagging of your goods, they are simply placed from one cart to another during checkout. You can buy bags there, but just as easy, wheel the car out to your car.

When I say bulk package, it is not like buying a case of canned goods or 50 pounds of chicken. For canned goods I seen them in 4 packs and 2 packs, for chicken, just like Tesco, bag what you want, get it weighed, done. For pasta, one can get the 500 gram bags, and they have a very good selection, or you can get 20 kilo bags if you want.

Items good to stock up on at Makro would be canned goods, frozen sausage, fresh sausage selection is also good, chicken, pasta, cleaning supplies, paper supplies, buy those in larger containers and the price drops considerably.

Another great feature of Makro, at least in Nakhon Si Thammarat is the baking section, for anyone that bakes, they have various types of flour, large bars of baking chocolate, cocoa powder, right down to sprinkles for cake decorating. Great selection so worth a look.

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