Internet Shopping, think Lazada

Lazada ( is probably the largest mail order internet site in Thailand. Excellent selection of items, all lower priced than HomePro, etc. The great thing is cash on delivery, no need to make a bank payment, scan a receipt and email that in. BUT, the most important thing when you register on the site is to give a Thai persons phone number, customer service does speak English but you may have to wait to get one. When you register they will call the number you provide to verify it is a legitimate registration. When they make a delivery, the shipping company will call as well for the exact location. So use a Thais phone number, not yours.

I use Lazada for my kitchen supplies, like the counter top oven, microwave, meat grinder, pots and pans sets, knife sets, and even Pyrex baking pans. Plus our TV, some small furniture, washing machine, and even a large refrigerator.

And I recently discovered a new use for Lazada. One day when I was browsing items, it will show what others have recently viewed, related to what you are searching for. I was looking for a pasta machine, and one of the items recently viewed by others, was dry imported pasta! I discovered Dry Goods in Lazada so I started browsing that section, pastas, jarred anchovies, seasoning packets. I like the Lobo brand and browsed just those items, gold mine! So if you live in an area where a lot of the Lobo brand seasoning packs are limited, give Lazada a try, I think they carry them all.

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