Save money on Chicken

Most grocery stores and even fresh markets have piles of chicken parts, such as a pile of legs, pile of thighs, piles of quarters (leg and thighs attached), piles of wings and even drumettes which is the meatier section of the wing, then there is piles of chicken breasts and many times, there will be piles of carcasses. Some places will have whole chickens as well. Each of these piles has a different price this is based on if it takes a butcher more time to cut something up, it costs more to buy that item.

Some of my recipes I like to use chicken breast, and some recipes I like to use legs and thighs. My wife likes to use wings. So what we look for is whole chickens if available. The whole chickens we get at a fresh market near our house.

A whole chicken is a money saver! You cut up the chicken and save money. Cutting up a whole chicken takes just a few minutes and you get a few extra items as well. The bonus parts are the heart, liver, gizzard, neck, feet, and the entire carcass.

Heart, liver, gizzard, boil that up for a light snack. Boil the neck as well, that is a quick snack for your dog or your neighbors dog. For the feet, give them to a Thai lady and they will cook those up. For the carcass, boil that with a carrot, an onion, and some celery and you have soup stock. Soup stock can be refrigerated for several weeks and used as needed.

Now if you like legs and thighs, get quarters, not already separated, the separated items will cost more so to save a few baht, get the quarters. So now that you have your quarters at home, you may want to separate them, this is easily done and takes just seconds. Place a quarter on a cutting board with the skin on the thigh part down in the board, pull a little skin on the leg back and you will see a line of fat between the leg part and the thigh part, using a regular chef’s knife, cut directly across that fat line and you will easily separate the two parts and you just saved money by doing that.

For wings, the same thing, buy a whole wing which has 3 sections and separate each part yourself. If you only want the drumettes (the larger meatier section with a single bone), separate all 3 sections, drummettes go in a pile, the middle section (with the 2 bones) go in another pile, can be frozen and used in another recipe. The end section, boil those up for your dog or your neighbors dog for a snack.

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