Canned and Dry vice Fresh Goods

Always good sense to keep a stock of products on hand at all times in the event one cannot get to a market for fresh items, think monsoon season.

Long term items to keep on hand can include rice, flour, beans, pasta, and coffee for dry goods, and for canned goods, stock up on condensed milk, vegetables, tuna, and mayo.

With this in mind, go for products produced in Thailand. Some stores have dry beans that are imported, some are local grown, go for local grown. A bean is a bean.

Rotate your stock as well at times. Recipes here that call for say mushrooms, you can use fresh or canned. The rule with canned goods and the expiration date or BBF (best before date) is that the product is still good even after that date if the can is not swelled or rusting. Simply the quality of the product goes down after that date, which is normally 2 years after production. Rotate your stock on a regular basis and you can keep a good supply of ingredients to make a hearty meal in the even you cannot get to a fresh market or grocery store.

We normally keep 30 days supply of goods on hand.

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