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(The site is being moved from one host to another at this time, and my ability to upload photos is broken due to that, so I will continue with adding recipes and will add the photos at a later time.)

I pride myself on the fact that this site is for recipes and money saving shortcuts, no advertising, no “go to the next page for the recipe”, no 10,000 word essays to describe the recipe, just recipes for you to browse and enjoy. I welcome all comments and questions.

Cheater Sausage Gravy
Macaroni Salad II
Cheesy Chicken Fritters


For my friends in America following this site, please read this for an easy to remember tip on grams to pounds.

My name is Lee and I am an expat living in Thailand since 2005. I love Thai meals but being an American, I also love western dishes as well as that is what I grew up with, easy meals at minimum cost. For the name of the site, the goal is $1 per serving, many will be over this, but still a reasonable cost for a meal per person. Pricing is for those in Thailand only and are estimates, costs can vary from province to province, time of writing, etc. I figure the prices per serving based on the meat, fish, and cheese, NOT potatoes, carrots, celery, spices needed, etc. It is an estimate but close, as most people will have spices on hand as well as vegetables. I get a lot of root vegetables from a local open market as well as some meat, all of this has an impact on the price. What I am showing here, is that you can enjoy Western dishes, for little expense, but you have to do some time in the kitchen to prepare the dishes.

Many things are available in Thailand to prepare low cost, delicious, and nutritious western meals. The only thing one has to do is think like a Thai, I know that sounds odd but Thais are looking for low cost ingredients for meals as well. Shop like a Thai + using some shortcuts to make items = nutritious and low cost meals.

Explore the site from the Categories menu on the top right, or from the Recent Posts menu below that. You can leave comments as well, I moderate those to eliminate spam. You can submit recipes to me at simplewebs.lee@gmail.com

Some categories are broken down by country as well as listed in the main ingredient category to make it easier for you to browse the recipes.

For Cost Categories, applies to Thailand only, I have broke the recipes down to 3 categories for cost; Best Value (dishes under $1 per serving), Fair Value (dishes from $1.01 to $1.50 per serving), and High Cost (dishes that are $1.51+ per serving), and are listed in the category column on the right. Do not get put back by Fair Value and High Cost dishes, some of these are great for visiting friends and family or as a once in a while meal at a holiday. Pricing is NOT based on using the Shortcuts, if you use the Shortcuts, you can easily reduce the cost of Fair Value and High Cost dishes.

For the star ratings, this up to our viewers now, if you see a recipe that interests you or you have tried, feel free to rate it.

These recipes are a compilation from what I have found on the internet, from friends, or through my own experience. Credit will be given for recipe contributors, name, and country.

If you try a recipe, please write a comment!

In addition to many dishes being American, there is also Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Lebanese, Russian, even Macedonian, and many others for you to browse and try.

As for the humorous photo, I use real butter, no margarine is used as that cannot even be called anything like butter. Butter is a natural fat, margarine is essentially a soft plastic.

Feel free post questions or comments as well.

The Shortcuts.

The Shortcuts are one of the main features of this site, without them, many dishes would cost much more. Condensed soups are a main stay for casseroles, canned soup is also very processed and mainly water and oil, the shortcuts are easy and more healthy. Spice packets in a store are expensive, you can make many with spices you already have on hand.

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